Shellscript als Webserver

„Der amerikanische Entwickler Brett Wynkoop hat einen einfachen Webserver namens Simple Small Safe Web Server (SWS) in Form eines Shellskripts geschrieben.“, meldete das Linux Magazin bereits im August. Wer hätte gedacht, dass so etwas geht?

In der heisst es: „sws was born out a project requirment for a small universal web server that could run on any posix platform to serve static content. Since it is written in /bin/sh it should run on any BSD/GNU-Linux/Unix system. It has been tested on FreeBSD, Solaris, and Debian GNU-Linux. Installation is consists of putting the program somewhere, making it executably, creating the document directory and creating an entry in inetd.conf. sws requires /bin/sh, dirname, cat, and date to function. These should be found on any modern POSIX system.“